New makeup essentials

Today I want to talk again about makeup; I went to Sephora and I am very excited about my new makeup basics I got there.

When it comes to beauty, we all have different tastes and favorites; but whether you like to go all out with makeup or keep it natural and simple look, I believe these are the new makeup items every girl should have in her bag.

Rouge Interdit Vinyl Color Enhancing Lipstick

It may look dark, but it will get you a customized color when it reacts with your skin pH level. It can vary from light pink to mutem plum depending on your pigmentation. 


I really love Givenchy lipsticks and I have two favorite colors:

If you want something complete that includes highlighter, blush and bronzer, you should definitely buy this Bobby Brown palette.

bobbi brown to glow shimmer.jpg
Bobbi Brown to Glow Shimmer Brick Palette

This palette includes three shimmer bricks with five shades, so the color that you get, will vary depending on the concentration that you brush your cheeks with. It is a very complete brick palette for a good price (I believe that it is a limited edition for christmas time only).

I’m proud to have completed my makeup collection  during this trip. Previous items can be found in my article: Los maquillajes esenciales para llevar en la cartera. You can take a look at it and choose what it is more suitable to you!

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  1. Oh wow they all look so pretty! ❤

    1. Thanks @Withallmyaffection!!

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